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Our quality charter

     We are opened 24 hours on 24 - 7 days of 7    

-    Competitive fees

-    A courteous welcome     

-    Our cars are always impeccable

-    Our experienced chauffeurs are trained to drive safely in all conditions. They have been instructed to respect the driving code. When the trip is long, the chauffeur has to take a break. Moreover, before the departure and after the arrival, he may have to take a night's rest. The hotel room and food fees are not billed.    

-    The chauffeurs and passengers are insured in accordance with the regulations (unlimited insurance guarantee). A copy is available for the  customers.     

-    Professional liability insurance, tacitly renewable. 

-    A welcoming staff, a service, an irreproachable attitude and competence.   

-    The chauffeurs will not allow themselves to participate in any action considered immoral or contrary to accepted good behaviour.     

-    Our ethics forbid us to denigrate a competitor for commercial ends.     

-    The customer agrees to maintain a correct attitude, not to consume narcotics and not to over drink. Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles. Food, drink or animals are forbidden except if there is a prior agreement.      

-    The luggage is proportional to the volume of the trunk. This luggage is the customer's responsibility. We are not responsible for any belongings left in our vehicles or elsewhere during the service. So please make sure that you do not forget anything before leaving the car.     

-    Any complaints must be made within eight days following the event by registered mail with return receipt. After this delay no complaint will be taken into account. In case of professional mistake, during the private excursions we will proceed with a full refund of the complete amount directly on your bank account.